UPDATE (2/1/19) - On May 1, 2019 we will be discontinuing boarding for our canine patients. We will still continue our feline boarding.

Lynn Animal Hospital offers a wide range of boarding services to our clients and their pets. It doesn't matter if they are going to be staying for the day or for several weeks; they get the concerned care that is needed. In most cases we have accommodations available even at the last minute for those unforeseen emergencies.

We offer daycare for single days for pets that need time away from home if there are friends or family coming to visit, a planned party, or workmen coming to your house. You are welcome to partake of any of the additional services such as a cleanup bath, a nail trim, examination and vaccines and/or ear cleanings. If you would like they can even get walks around the neighborhood.

For those pets that are staying for 2 days or longer, the day they check in is FREE whether they arrive in the morning or evening! You also have a variety of boarding packages to choose from. Each package can be tailored to your pet. Kitty can have a brushing each day, with toys and catnip or even a "snuggle" session with our kitty care attendants. Fido can get walks around the historic town of Riverdale once or twice a day as well as time in our exercise runs. Toys and comfy bedding is provided, but feel free to bring toys that your dog would enjoy as well.

Vaccine Requirements for Boarding:

  • Dogs - Rabies, Canine Distemper (completed series), Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Canine Flu Vaccine (completed series)
  • Cats - Rabies, Feline Distemper

We also can provide other services while your pet is boarding. These include:

  • Vaccine Updates
  • Medication Administration
  • Fecal Collection and Examination
  • Nail Trims
  • Cleanup Baths (Not a Professional Grooming)
  • Microchip Placement
  • Dematting (with or without sedation)
  • Doctors Examinations
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Heartworm Testing

Please feel free to ask if there is something else you would like us to do while your pet is staying with us. Special food and feeding times, rechecks, blood work, a dental exam: we will be happy to accommodate

We can also provide care for our special needs patients including geriatric animals, diabetics, and animals that "don't play well with others" that are unable to attend other boarding facilities.  Our trained technicians and assistants are ready to help.

In many cases with healthy animals we can schedule surgical and dental procedures while they are staying with us in the hospital. As a bonus, on the day of their procedure you will not be charged for boarding. We can take care of the pre-operative fasting as well as the recovery period afterward.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or contact us by email. We would be happy to go over our boarding procedures, rates or schedule a tour if you would like to see our pet accommodations.

Cat Boarding Packages:

  • Purrfectly Happy - Boarded in vet supervised, year-round climate controlled facilities. Each kitty has a condo, housekeeping and room service with toys and treats provided
  • Purrfect Paradise - Combines the Happy package with a daily brushing and catnip.
  • Purrfect and Pampered -  Combines the Happy package with  a daily brushing, catnip, and a 10-15 minute snuggle session with a kitty care attendant.

Dog Boarding Packages:

  • Rest and Relaxation - Boarded in veterinary-supervised, year-round climate controlled facilities with fresh bedding. Each dog gets 3 exercise sessions daily, and toys and treats provided. A great package for senior dogs who love the easy going atmosphere.
  • Fun and Play - Combines the R&R package with a 10-15 minute walk* outside each day to enjoy the sights.
  • Dog About Town - Combines the R&R package with two 10-15 minute walks* outside each day to see the lovely historic sites of Riverdale. A great package for your active dogs that enjoy investigating the world.

*The number of walks may be decreased due to the general health of your pet or weather conditions, as per doctors' discretion.


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